Mahara's magical animals began with black panther...

He visited me in a vision of ancient memory, in a time when men and women walked the Earth, equal as teachers and healers and communication with animals was a natural experience. 

It was the end of that blessed time and the animals withdrew their communication and trust from humans.

Black Panther's message:  'A great cycle is beginning and I return to you now carrying the essence of the ancient times to be resurrected on this Earth in a more magnificent way than ever before.

Reconnect with me and the animal realms.  Reconnect with nature.  Remember your light! '

is there an animal that calls you?

click on an image and take a journey. listen to its message for you? 


The animal spirit visions manifest in my consciousness whispering their magic and mystery.

I invite you to enjoy and experience your own connection with the purity and majesty of the animal spirits!


All images copyright of Mahara K Daniel: my animal magic 2017